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The CoVE for hospitality that caters to your skills needs

The Project

TOUR-X is a Center of Vocational Excellence (COVE) Project for the Tourism Industry.

TOUR-X envisions to create excellence in Tourism through a bottom-up approach where the Education providers of the partnership will enhance their ability to adapt skills provision to everchanging economic and social needs.

The TOUR-X project, co-funded by the European Union is led by a Consortium of 23 experienced partners representing the most prominent VET providers, the Tourism sector and Regional Authorities of the seven countries that the project brings together. Moreover, TOUR-X is going to establish partnerships on a regional level, titled Knowledge Triangles in Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain, four of the leading countries in the Tourism sector of Europe. The Knowledge Triangles are gathering VET providers, representatives of the business sector and public authorities in order to better collaborate and contribute to regional development in the Tourism sector.

Main Objectives

Foster national and transnational collaboration

among all partnering stakeholders through the establishment of TourX Transnational Ecosystem for Excellence in Tourism

Increase skills anticipation

in the tourism industry through the creation of a WatchTower

Increase sectoral employability

and foster competitiveness

Increase of investments

in tourism-related human resources


a fairer and more sustainable and resilient model in tourism

Foster internationalization

to address long standing structural weaknesses

Creation of feedback loops

to adapt VET provision

Increase the image of VET

in the tourism sector



  • Grassroot VET providers, local tourism enterprises

    VET Associations at national, regional, sectoral and EU Level

  • Tourism-related Chambers, Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Associations

    Local/Regional/National Authorities with a Tourism Department

  • Other awarded projects under this call
  • TourX Partners through Umbrella Organizations


  • VET leaders, entrepreneurs, employers active in the Tourism Industry
  • VET learners in tourism-related professions
  • VET staff members, employees working in the Tourism Industry
  • Others: including society, employers, journalists, members of Academia


In TourX we are aiming at the creation of high-level sustainable systemic impact at the following levels:

At a local / regional / national level

  • Increased attractiveness of VET in the tourism relevant professions
  • Increased adaptivity of VET
  • Increased effectiveness in addressing skills priorities, particularly in being responsive to the needs of employers
  • Creation of a more innovative and sustainable tourism economy at local and regional level
  • Creation of a more comprehensive and inclusive conceptualisation of skills provision
  • Complete recovery from the Covid-19 negative effects for the Tourism Sector is going to be achieved
  • Better skills recognition and certification for the tourism sector employees
  • A positive change in the attitude of tourism sector’s employers (mainly micro/SMEs) involvement in training
  • Widening participation of non-typical learners in EQF Levels 3-5 vocational and the participation of adults in LLL programmes
  • An improvement in learners’ achievements, including progression into employment and advancement within employment

At an EU level

  • Enhancement of mobility in the Tourism industry, fostering internationalization to address long standing structural weaknesses
  • Strong and enduring partnerships and bonds between the VET community and the world of work at EU level and across borders is going are be established
  • Policy reflection at a European level is going to be achieved through a TourX transnational platform of CoVEs in tourism that is going to be established
  • Increase of the operational capacity of local / regional VET Provider
  • EUs’ position as a global actor in the tourism industry is going to be empowered
  • Skills anticipation for tourism related applications at an EU level is going to be enhanced



of TourX - Transnational Ecosystem for VET Excellence in the Tourism Sector


of a TourX "Hospitality Labs" ToolBox for Excellence

Pilot Operation

of "Hospitality Labs" for the Creation of Excellence at a Regional Level


of sustainable, systemic impact

Main Deliverables

Click below to see the full list of the main deliverables of the TourX project.

2.1 Transnational Ecosystem for Excellence in Tourism Annual Report
2.2 Report on impact and evaluation of exchange of good practices through staff mobility actions
2.3 Long – Term Action Plan
3.1 Governance Box
3.2 Upskilling / Reskilling Box
3.3 Quality and GSTS Box
3.4 SME Technical Support Box
3.5 Design Box for Competence Based Curricula
3.6 Funding Solutions Box
3.7 ToT Box
3.8 ILAs and Microcredentials Box
3.9 Internationalization Box
4.1 Report on the pilot Implementation of the TourX Toolbox
4.2 Final “TourX Toolbox”
5.1 Policy Recommendations to strengthen tourism-oriented VET provision
5.2 Creation and maintenance of a WatchTower for regional skills needs in the Tourism Sector
5.3 Development of an Assessment and Monitoring mechanism for the validation of Excellence in VET
5.4 Turn- Key Solutions for knowledge transfer to Third Party Institutions
6.1 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan
6.2 Dissemination Package
6.3 Report on Dissemination and Exploitation Activities

EU Grant
0 M


23 partners from 7 countries

Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and China.

Lead Partner: AKMI SA

23 partners from 7 countries

Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and China.

Lead Partner: AKMI SA

Partner organizations: ENAIP, Mundus, EHE, AVT,  Hellenic Open University, Aveiro University, GICC, IME GSEVEE, SIAV, RDFA, Regione del Veneto, Ayto La Oliva, LKSPN, Asofuer, DEHOGA, EVBB, EVTA, Cea-PME, EUPIC, EOPPEP, BK-CON, Skills Together

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