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Transnational Ecosystem for Excellence in Tourism Annual Report

The report will include information about communications, information, and decisions that took place during each year.

Report on impact and evaluation of exchange of good practices through staff mobility actions

The report will include the best practices exchange information from each of the study visits that took place in all partner countries.

Long -Term Action Plan

Detailed report on how the TourX will be rolled out and further developed in a sustainable way.

TourX Governance Box

TourX Governance Box constitutes the first tool within our CoVE Cooperation Network set to form and establish a cooperation system among the members’ network. Using the Governance Box, other wanna be CoVEs will be able to use it in order to set a cooperation system among representatives of the knowledge triangle in their regions which will enable them to identify skills gaps and labour market needs in the respected areas.

Upskilling / Reskilling Box

The upskilling/reskilling box will provide guidance on the conduction of a sound TNA and the conversion of its findings into Learning Objectives, in support of the tourism development strategy of the Region being an input for the re-design of the Tourism VET trainings provided in at a local/regional level.

Quality and GSTS Box

The Quality Tool of the TourX Box will provide the VET providers with the necessary methodological aids, analysis and communication plans needed to identify the evolution of their systems aligned to the marker needs and expectations. The central database of GSTS is also going to gather a wide range of information about tourism graduates, including the data collected annually within the institutional surveys and other databases of the career tracking programme on a region wide sample.

SME Technical Support Box

SME Technical Support Box is set to support Tourism companies in order to be able to assist their employees to map and identify potential needs in terms of skills and knowledge. Via the self-assessment and peer mentoring systems, the tourism employees will be able to work at a personal level on their own gaps but also count on their colleagues in order to surpass and fulfil existing knowledge gaps which will ultimately increase their performance in their tasks.

Design Box for Competence Based Curricula

The Design Box is seen as one of the most important Boxes developed in our TourX COVE, as its continuous update in order to answer to the market’s needs, cover one of the most crucial operations of the CoVEs in general, being the very beginning of its central idea and its very essence.

Funding Solutions Box

The Funding Box is directly linked to sustainability of operations after the end of the funding period. It aims at helping the CoVEs sustain their operations continuously. In our case as TourX, towards this aim we will gain the help from our regional bodies that form members of our partnership. More specifically, the regional bodies of our network will assist TourX in finding further funding opportunities after the end of its implementation period via incorporating it in their RIS strategies leading to its further expansion and conservation.

ToT Box

This Box will grant tourism teachers/trainers the opportunity to evaluate and update their own knowledge channelled from the evolution of their sector and expertise, granting them the opportunity to keep on track with all sector advances as developed in their regions and the regional tourist products.

ILAs and Microcredentials Box

It includes the ICT tool, the methodology and processes to prepare and deliver the digital application of ILAs and microcredentials promoting the use of micro-credentials in the VET providers in various VET programmes and occupations.

Internationalization Box

The Internationalization box is going to support the participation in international educational and research programmes and projects providing all necessary processes, guides and templates to prepare, implement and capitalize mobility.

Final "TourX Toolbox"

All 9 Tools are going to be finalized and operational, ready to be handed over to the TourX Platform for Excellence and to be incorporated in the 4 COVEs of the TourX project. A detailed documentation of the changes between the BETA version and the Final Version is going to be included.

Policy Recommendations

All 9 Tools are going to be finalized and operational, ready to be handed over to the TourX Platform for Excellence and to be incorporated in the 4 COVEs of the TourX project. A detailed documentation of the changes between the BETA version and the Final Version is going to be included.Report (1) is going to be presented including at least 16 Policy Recommendations in the report (4 per country plus the Umbrella Organizations and China).

Skills WatchTower

Α regional Watchtowers mechanism is going to be established and become operational as a transferable solution for the conduction of tourism industry skills anticipation, at a local / regional level.

Validation Mechanism of Excellence in VET

It will define which parameters should be used so as to set a comprehensive set of indicators for excellence, consistently with the EU guidelines.

TourX Toolbox as a Turn-Key solution

An online platform with all 9 Tools (Boxes) will become available. Each Box constitutes one tool of the TourX Network designed to answer to the needs of the tourism sector in the engaged regions. The Toolkit will be able to be accessed via our TourX platform along with all developed mechanisms.

Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

Dissemination Package

Report on Dissemination and Exploitation Activities