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20 years of campaign “BRANDENBURG HOSPITALITY”

20 years of campaign “BRANDENBURG HOSPITALITY”

Quality remains our claim

The current campaign of “Brandenburg hospitality”, the business initiative of Brandenburg restaurateurs to ensure high service quality in the hospitality industry starts on March 15 this year. The quality campaign was launched 20 years ago by DEHOGA Brandenburg e.V. in cooperation with the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Brandenburg and the regional tourism associations of Brandenburg as a tourist destination. One of the initiators, entrepreneur Mario Kade from “Kades Restaurant am Pfingstberg”, says: “We wanted to prove and show that Brandenburg’s gastronomy is better than its reputation!“. Starting in Potsdam, all of Brandenburg’s travel regions have been gradually included in the initiative over the past few years. More than 70 companies now are certified for their service quality every year.

20 years of Brandenburgs hospitality initiative means 20 years of striving for service quality in Brandenburg's hospitality industry, because quality is our claim!

Businesses that take part and create for their self-assessment a short self-disclosure form and undergo a mystery check in which independent, trained test persons examine and evaluate the offer, service and quality of the business according to previously defined criteria. The assessment is supplemented by information on the company’s digital reputation (website check and guest feedback on the internet). The DEHOGA Brandenburg mystery testers are intensively prepared for their task. Annual training and online self-study courses are on the agenda, as are digital test assessment and evaluation via app. As a result of their participation, all businesses receive a detailed quality report, which can be used to identify weaknesses and potential for improvement in the business. The quality report also shows where the company stands in comparison to other enterprises and travel regions.

The "Host of the Year" competition for all travel regions in the state of Brandenburg

The “Host of the Year” is chosen from among the participants in the Brandenburg Hospitality Certification. Representatives from regional tourism associations, the regional chambers of industry and commerce and other partners form the jury. They select the “Host of the Year” from the best candidates in the travel regions of the state of Brandenburg. In this way, the restaurateurs inspire their guests twice over. With the “Excellent” seal and the “Host of the Year” award.

NEW in 2024 - The "Favorite Restaurant of the Brandenburgers"

This year, on the occasion of the anniversary, we will also select the “Favorite Restaurant of the Brandenburgers“. All previously certified establishments of the quality initiative can be chosen. Brandenburg’s hospitality industry can be proud of its certified and excellent quality!

It is also an interesting practical example for long-term quality management and assessment in hospitality industry.

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