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DEHOGA Brandenburg survey 2023 “Gastronomy needs a future” completed

DEHOGA Brandenburg survey 2023 “Gastronomy needs a future” completed

From October to December 2023, DEHOGA Brandenburg surveyed 120 tourism businesses in various tourism regions of Brandenburg on economic prospects and cooperation opportunities.

The aim of the survey was to find out with the hospitality and other tourism businesses:

  • What is the current economic and staffing situation in existing businesses?
  • How have the offer and opening hours changed in the respective businesses?
  • What are the future prospects of the businesses visited?
  • Are the businesses fit for the future?
  • What role do sustainability and digitalisation play in the businesses?
  • What plans are there for necessary investments in the companies?
  • How is the support provided to the companies on site by the municipality, districts and regional tourism organisations?

The results of the survey are now available. 

This data collection has sharpened the current picture of the economic situation and future prospects of the industry in various travel regions in the state of Brandenburg.

The project also made a concrete contribution to the implementation of the tourism strategy of the state of Brandenburg, in particular the future field of “labour in tourism”.  

Based on the detailed analysis of the hotel and catering industry, a better assessment of the potential for implementing the examined future field of the tourism strategy of the state of Brandenburg was possible.

During the survey, the focal points of the tourism strategy were analysed and processed in a structured manner.

  • retention of labour and skilled workers
  • attracting new employees
  • strengthening vocational training
  • intensifying further vocational training
  • better utilisation of technological potential

Through its collaborative approach and the direct involvement of various regional tourism associations, the survey actively promoted the guiding principle of “strengthening the culture of cooperation” as stated in the tourism strategy of the state of Brandenburg.

The results of the survey provide an exemplary starting point for further surveys of catering establishments in other travel regions of Brandenburg in the year 2024.


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