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Public-Private VET Investment in China

Objectives and goals of the PPP

By building the international platform network of the “European Vocational Education Center”, we gather excellent vocational education and innovation and entrepreneurship resources from around the world, especially from China and Europe. European Vocational Education Center collaborates with domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, enterprises and public institutions, and government departments to jointly carry out cooperative education and education, and accelerate the cultivation of development.

Type of Programme

Other (National, regional out of EU funds)

Funding type/type of support


Organizational level


Programme Focus

International Cooperation, PPP (Public Private Partnership), Skills, Competitiveness,research and innovation

Programme relevant for/ target group

VET Providers, Academic institutions

Geographic area

EU-China cooperation

The overall budget allocated for funding opportunities is still being coordinated and revised, and generally, the funding available varies depending on the specific project.

The funding available varies depending on the specific project.

Vocational Colleges/Universities, VET institutions, VET providers, Executor of Sino foreign cooperation projects, etc. 

Training activities, VET certificate examination, VET certificate training courses, innovation projects, capacity building, marketing activities, etc.

Tourism, Culture Exchange and Cooperation

Available funds

Planned opportunities

Will be soon available. Stay tuned!