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Testing service quality is no secret!

Testing service quality is no secret!

On Saturday, February 25, 2023, the german TourX-Team and the management team of the Quality Initative BRANDENBURG HOSPITALITY met with the mystery testers at the Mercure Hotel Potsdam to exchange ideas on the current requirements for quality testing in 2023.

However, it was not a mystery meeting, but a very interesting morning!

There was a lot to talk about, starting from the experience the testers gained last year to the implementation of the recommendations that dominated the feedback discussions of the last months.

Olaf Lücke, General Manager of DEHOGA Brandenburg e.V. gave a detailed insight into the current situation of the industry and described the many challenges that restaurateurs are facing in their businesses this year.

The focus was on the mystery testers of the DEHOGA Brandenburg tester group, which was reorganized last year, and they will be on the road again this year in the various travel regions of Brandenburg to assess service quality. In addition a detailed discussion developed to the criteria of the quality evaluation and it was exciting to experience, how engaged the testers perceive their task with the test evaluation.

The team of Coaching Academy Potsdam around Isabel Kranke, which coordinates and controls the test procedures again, had a lot to write down.

Christof Heinzel, managing director of Insecia GmbH Potsdam, presented the further development and innovations of the “hospitality app”, which provides online the test questionnaire in the various test categories and is the basis of the digital data management for test recording and test evaluation.

The new tester group of DEHOGA Brandenburg has already become in a short time a “sensor” for the orientation of the quality assessment in the BRANDENBURG HOSPITALITY and an important partner for objective and appreciative assessment of the service quality of the Brandenburg hospitality industry.

The invitation to this meeting said training event, but it was much more. It were also the discussed experiences and ideas of this day, which will promote the work in the current BRANDENBURG HOSPITALITY campaign.  The Mercure Hotel Potsdam as a venue was also well chosen. The discussions continued animatedly for a long time at the subsequent lunch snack.

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