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Tool 4 – Build a strong consortium

4. How to build a strong consortium

Finding potential partners is the first stage in forming a consortium. Start by examining companies, associations, public authorities, universities and research centres that you have had positive encounters with and worked with you in the past. Use online events such as EU Brokerage Events and Info Days to identify possible partners if you are just starting out. Additionally, you can look for organisations interested in your particular topic by using the resources that are available, such as the CORDIS database and the EU Funding and Tenders Portal. 

First and foremost you should consider to …

Examine the call specifications and determine which partners and contributors are required.

Examine the networks that you and your partners have!

Make a list of all the things you and your main partners want to or could do.

Verify the maximum grant and think about the number of partners it permits.

Calculate and share the maximum grant shares for each partner or country.

Verify the experience, expertise, capacities and skills of a potential partner organisation (on their website, in publicly available reports and in their own social media channels).

Think of a value chain and include suppliers and clients, both present and future!

Create an account on the EU Funding and Tenders Portal for your organization!

You must register your organization with the EU Funding and Tenders Portal regardless of whether you are the leader of the consortium, a lone applicant, or a partner in a consortium. You will obtain a Participant Identification Code (PIC) as a result, which you will require for the application procedure. This is your unique code, which the application process uses to identify your organization. To register your organization, take the following actions:

  1. Visit the EU Funding and Tenders Portal
  2. Please provide the requested information and adhere to the guidelines.
  3. After logging in, select “My organization.”
  4. On the page, scroll to the bottom and select “Continue registration.” 
  5. Complete the form and adhere to the guidelines.
  6. Save your PIC code in a secure place.

N.B. ! In case you do not know your PIC code, You may get your PIC code by searching for your company in the partner search section.

TourX personal portal for new collaborations!

TourX features a dedicated personal section, facilitating users in discovering new opportunities for collaborations. This section showcases upcoming projects and collaboration opportunities, enabling users to easily identify and engage with potential partners for their projects. Whether seeking new connections or project participation, TourX’s personalized space serves as a dynamic hub for fostering meaningful collaborations.

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