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Branch day for the hospitality and catering industry ‘Gastro Brandenburg 2024’

Branch day for the hospitality and catering industry ‘Gastro Brandenburg 2024’

New image video ‘Brandenburg - the next step in your career’ presented

This year’s industry day for the Brandenburg hospitality industry took place in Glashütte, in the brandenburg travel destination „Flaeming“ on 13 May 2024.

Organised by the sponsoring group at DEHOGA Brandenburg, this industry meeting offered a wide range of opportunities to exchange views on current issues, trends and also exhibitors’ offers.

In various branch talks were discussed sustainability in business, financing options for investments and the challenges of recruiting labour and securing the next generation of industry professionals.

The TourX team from DEHOGA Brandenburg used the forum to talk to HR managers about the planned internship exchanges with the other TourX partner organisations.

In recent months, we have often learnt that the state of Brandenburg is not yet seen as an attractive place to work or an interesting place for professional development for many young skilled workers from Europe. But Brandenburg’s hospitality industry has a lot to offer.

That is why we will increasingly emphasise the attractiveness of a professional internship in Brandenburg’s hospitality industry in our Erasmus+ activities. A first step in this direction is the English-language version of our image video ‘Brandenburg Hospitality’, which shows how interesting and exciting an internship in Brandenburg’s hotels and restaurants can be.

If you want to watch the video, click here:

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