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Exchanging ideas, learning from each other, benefiting together

Exchanging ideas, learning from each other, benefiting together

DEHOGA Brandenburg study trip to ENAIP VENETO

The 2nd study trip as part of the HOGAVET project co-financed by the EU Erasmus+ programme led to Padua and ENAIP Veneto was the host.

The TourX project laid the foundations for this supporting project activity. ENAIP Veneto, like AKMI International Athens, is a project partner of DEHOGA Brandenburg in the TourX project. This educational organisation is one of 4 Italian training and further education organisations in the ENAIP network that promote vocational training and further education in the regions of Italy.

Since the middle of last year, the HOGAVET exchange programme has made it possible to expand the potential of this international cooperation bilaterally and to use it specifically for the members of DEHOGA Brandenburg, for the DEHOGA specialist group for training and further education.

It also facilitates the exchange of experience and knowledge for the member companies of the employers’ association.

From 21 to 24 April, a study team had the opportunity to take a closer look at the vocational training system for the hospitality industry in the Veneto region.

In Italy, too, the concept of dual training characterises the specialist discussion in vocational training institutions.

But is dual training there comparable to dual training in Germany? How are the curricula organised and how is the cooperation between schools and training companies structured there? Is it possible to organise an internship exchange on this basis?

These questions were at the centre of a large number of discussions and workshops. The hosts have a lot to offer in their international project and exchange work and provided a lot of information about their approach, the approach to motivating their trainees and the responsibility of the training companies.

This exchange of experiences has brought us another step closer to our goal of using TourX to organise bilateral cooperation between the project partners in a results-oriented way and to enable long-term internships for trainees and students in companies in Brandenburg’s hospitality industry with HOGAVET.

Questions were answered and new ones raised. The result: even though a lot of detailed work is still needed to make training and further education even more international for the member companies of DEHOGA Brandenburg, we will continue to work together.

Together with our European partners, we are organising success with TourX and HOGAVET.

Thanks to our colleagues from ENAIP Veneto, we have learnt a lot again.

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