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Brandenburg Hospitality 2023″ quality campaign on the home stretch

Brandenburg Hospitality 2023″ quality campaign on the home stretch

Practical example for the TourX project

On September 20, 2023, the jury of the Brandenburg Hospitality Quality and Marketing Campaign met for this year’s meeting.

The DEHOGA meeting with partners from the Brandenburg Association of Towns and Municipalities, Tourismus Marketing Brandenburg, partners from “pro agro” and colleagues from various travel regions was packed with many tasks.

Of course, the focus was on assessing the results of the mystery checks for this year’s certification as well as evaluating the data for the “Host of the Year” competition.

60 businesses in Brandenburg’s hospitality industry took part in the current certification for 2024-2025 and the “Hosts of the Year” in Brandenburg’s travel regions were also nominated from the group of certified businesses.

As assessment criteria, the self-disclosure of the participating establishments, the results of the mystery checks and the “digital face” of the establishments in the World Wide Web were used and indicated. This showed how necessary and important the consistent digitization of individual processes is for the certification of service quality for the Brandenburg hospitality industry.

More than 200 data endpoints are used to evaluate a single business. For the benchmarking, the results for all participating businesses are compared in the different gastronomic categories and also the travel regions can now be evaluated in the diversity of your gastronomic offers. This complex evaluation methodology is also an interesting practical example for the TourX project.

With tension the enterprises wait now for the assignment of the quality plaques and the honor “host of the year”. The winners will then be announced at the “Night of Brandenburg Hospitality” on October 16.

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